Erica Miguel

Erica Miguel moved to New York City from California to attend The New School’s MFA Creative Writing program. Seven years later, she is still in the city absorbing and deflecting all that it chucks at her. She desperately misses the smell of ocean air, the taste of tomatoes, the sight of fuchsia sunsets and hopes to return to the West Coast before the last sequoia dies. She dabbles in other forms of writing such as articles about art and culture in Alarm Magazine, haikus and questionable screenplays to justify her sporadic novel writing. Just recently, she became aware that a play she co-wrote called Export Quality, based on the true stories of mail order brides from the Philippines who came to the United States to meet their fate as victims of abuse and death, will be performed for second time in California this June. (She hopes to actually see it one day.) Meanwhile, Erica’s novel about a mail order bride who comes from a very peculiar family of women in the Philippines waits patiently for her attention.

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