Heather Kristin

Heather Kristin, playwright/ singer/ songwriter/ violinist/ actor began performing at the age of eight under the direction of Gina Wendkos at the infamous Studio 54. After being home-schooled her whole life, earning a GED, she studied at Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Circle in the Square, and recently graduated from The New School. Most recently her nonfiction articles have been featured in The St. Petersburg Times in Russia and on J.T. Leroy’s website. She is a two-time recipient of the SAG/ John L. Dales and the AFTRA Memorial Foundation personal essay grant. “MoonDance,” a composition she wrote on violin and performed was featured at The Frankfurt Film Festival. To view go to www.clauswithopf.com click on “Diner NYC.” She can usually be found singing her compositions with the literary gang, The Sunday Salon in Brooklyn. Prior to her musical mischief at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, she was Kristin Davis’ stand-in on “Sex and the City” and kissed the cook on the reality show, “The Restaurant.” Heather is currently writing her memoir.

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