Niall Griffiths

Born in Liverpool in 1966, Niall Griffiths now lives in Wales. His latest novel, Wreckage, has just been released by Graywolf Press. The Daily Telegraph says, “Wreckage is really a remarkable piece of work. In the foreground is a caper story; in the background, a poetically expressed, apocalyptic history of Liverpool.” The Guardian praises Griffiths’ “exuberant wordplay” in this “tragicomic lament for the generations of rejects and hopefuls who fetched up in the erstwhile ‘muddy pool’ of Liverpool.” Griffiths’ novel Stump won the Welsh Book of the Year Award in 2004. His previous novels include Sheepshagger, Kelly + Victor, which is being made into a feature film, and Grits, which is currently being filmed for television in the UK.

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