Oyunga Pala

Oyunga Pala is probably best known for his controversial column, “Man Talk,” in the Saturday Nation Magazine. He is an avid writer whose work ranges from social commentary to fiction as well as travel writing. His other regular column is the “Motorcycle Diaries” in Kenya ’s Drum Magazine. His work has also been published in issue 6 of The Reading Room on http://www.readingroomjournal.com/ – this is published by http://www.greatmarshpress.com.

His mellow voice is remembered by many who enjoyed his radio program, “Sex Talk,” but his identity remains a well-kept secret, hence the lack of an accompanying photograph. He has, however, been known to surface at kwani? Readings (under the strict adage that no pictures or footage may be recorded) and credit goes to him for transforming the readings into the now popular kwani? Poetry Open Mic by encouraging writers to share their work. It is only fitting to have him take to the stage and read his work at the Sunday Salon Nairobi.

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