No Baggage Travel

Is it possible? I met up recently with travel writer supreme Rolf Potts and a few other travel writing enthusiasts at a watering hole in NYC before Rolf embarked on his 6-week journey around the world with no baggage. Yea, you read that right: no baggage. However, he did show off his cool vest with lots of pockets that stored everything he’d need for the trip, including one ultra-compact, mini keyboard to attach to his iPod touch, eh voila, transforming it into a nifty tool of the trade!

So, yes, the answer is yes. For you luggage hounds out there, take heed. All you really need is the spirit, and of course, the funds (that one I’m still working on, but won’t let it stop me) to travel.

Check out Rolf’s website (and funny video, and his books, if you can’t afford to vagabond internationally quite yet) for more inspiration.

Happy travels, Rolf!


ps and for you city folks on a budget (or not): pack your sunscreen/water/book and head to one of ny’s lovely sandy beaches like Long Beach (accessible by LIRR) or Far Rockaway Beach (on the beloved A train). No better time than the present.

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