NYC | January 16, 2011

Welcome 2011! Sunday Salon celebrates a magnificent new year with a lineup of marvelous writers. Join us at Jimmys 43 at 7pm.

Monique Truong was born in Saigon, South Vietnam and currently lives in Brooklyn. She is the author of two novels Bitter in the Mouth and The Book of Salt. Her first novel, The Book of Salt, was a New York Times Notable Book and a recipient of the New York Public Library Young Lions Fiction Award, a Bard Fiction Prize, a Stonewall Book Award-Barbara Gittings Literature Award, and the 7th Annual Asian American Literary Award, among others. Truong was awarded a PEN/Robert Bingham Fellowship, a Hodder Fellowship at Princeton University, and is a 2010 Guggenheim Fellow. She has contributed essays to the New York Times, the Times of London, Gourmet, Condé Nast Traveler, Food & Wine, Real Simple, Allure, Town & Country and other publications.

Emma Straub’s first story collection, Other People We Married, will be published in February. Her writing has appeared in The Paris Review, 52 Stories, Gargoyle, and many other journals. She also sells books at BookCourt, one of the the best bookstore in New York City. More information can be found at

Shya Scanlon’s work has appeared in Mississippi Review, Literary Review, New York Quarterly, Guernica Magazine, Opium Magazine, and others. His book of prose poetry, In This Alone Impulse, was published by Noemi Press in January, 2010. In 2009, his novel Forecast was serialized online across 42 journals and literary blogs as part of the Forecast 42 Project. Forecast was published by Flatmancrooked in December, 2010. He received his MFA from Brown University, where he was awarded the John Hawkes Prize in Fiction. Please visit him at

Dale Peck has published ten books. These are their names: Martin and John, The Law of Enclosures, Now It’s Time to Say Goodbye, What We Lost, Hatchet Jobs, Drift House, The Lost Cities, Sprout, Body Surfing, Shift. These are their genres: novel-in-stories, novel + memoir, novel, novel-cum-memoir; essays, children’s novel, children’s novel, young adult novel, thriller, co-authored thriller. Here are some fun facts about them. The book that he got paid the least amount of money for sold the greatest number of copies. The book that he got the most amount of money for sold the fewest number of copies. The shortest book, at 60,000 words, took four years to write, while the longest book, at 250,000 words, took only eleven months. The book that got the most press was almost universally vilified and the book that got the least press won an award and received half a dozen citations. The book that he likes the most hasn’t been published yet. Who knows, maybe it hasn’t even been written yet. In addition to knocking out the books, Peck also teaches in the New School’s Graduate Writing Program and is a co-founder of a new publishing company called Mischief + Mayhem Books. If you haven’t ordered their first and, to date, only title, The Autobiography of Jenny X by Lisa Dierbeck, please do so now at No, really, do it now, or he’s not going to read. If you don’t have a smartphone, he’ll be happy to lend you his old iPhone.

You can even steal it if you want, so he has an excuse to get the new one.

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