Give It Up

Your participation in Sunday Salon over the years has enabled us to share incredible prose, poetry, and music with the world.

We have held over 150 Salon readings, and witnessed the work of over 600 emerging and established writers, poets, and artists to include Pulitzer Prize, Booker Prize, American Book Award winners like Marlon James, Roxane Gay, Jessica Hagedorn, Hettie Jones, Paul Lisicky, and Reese Okyong Kwon. We have expanded to other cities like Chicago, South Florida, and Nairobi. And we’ve even published SalonZine, an online magazine, featuring powerful literary work covering everything from offshore oil spills to personal and political thresholds and antidotes—all because of you. Thanks!

Let's Dance: Ru Freeman, author of On Sal Mal Lane, and Christine Kendall, author of Riding Chance. Ru Freeman curates the annual Dark Tower Reading, a literary celebration with a twist, at Sunday Salon in March.

$50/mo Readings

Covers expenses related to conducting monthly Sunday Salon Readings.

$500/yr Operational Costs

Covers the production of our biennial SalonZine and music/DJ costs.

Salon Donors

Dara Underberg ⋅ Andy Hunter ⋅ Caroline Berger ⋅ Chris Grillo ⋅ Haruko Yamauchi ⋅ Lauren Francis-Sharma ⋅ Miranda Train ⋅ Sara Lippmann ⋅ Sarah Gambito ⋅ Scott Kordish ⋅ Winnie Wong ⋅ Celine Keating ⋅ Amy Pollock ⋅ Bino Realuyo ⋅ Jimin Han ⋅ John Beaumont ⋅ Joseph Legaspi ⋅ Karen Pittelman ⋅ Leland Cheuk ⋅ Mike Scalise ⋅ Nicole Fix ⋅ Robert Jacklosky ⋅ Wah-Ming Chang ⋅ David Winner ⋅ Terese Svoboda ⋅ Neil R Feldman ⋅ Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons ⋅ Lol Fow ⋅ Maria Newhard ⋅ Rose M. Kim ⋅ Sweta Vikram ⋅ Allison Albino ⋅ Carol Schoen ⋅ Elana Redfield ⋅ Jason Schneiderman ⋅ KC Trommer ⋅ Vikas Menon ⋅ Cinelle Barnes ⋅ David Rohlfing ⋅ Erica Silberman ⋅ J Stephen Adams ⋅ Lara Stapleton ⋅ Malcolm Chang ⋅ Michael Hawley ⋅ Michelle Bailat Jones ⋅ Ricco Siasoco ⋅ Robert Ostrom ⋅ Erin Abrams ⋅ Michael Copperman ⋅ Nancy Agabian ⋅ Sarah Bridgins ⋅ Shelby Robbins ⋅ Abeer Hoque

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