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It’s your lucky day! SalonZine is an online magazine offering fresh and original prose, poetry, and interviews. Click on an image below to see the articles in each Zine issue.

Call for Submissions

Tell your friends, your muses and your rivals that SalonZine is returning for an annual issue in 2024 and the theme is secrets and lies.
We all have something we keep hidden from others. Whether it’s a strange fetish or past employment we’re embarrassed by, there are certain things in our lives we don’t want others to know or see. The secrets and lies we keep tucked away can be big or small, but their impact cannot be denied. You may be lying about an illicit affair or nursing a hidden addiction or even telling half-truths to hide yourself from consequences. For whatever reason, these secrets and lies, no matter how big or small, inspire a certain fear of being exposed, especially to those closest to us. We invite you to share your narratives about these secrets and lies in a story, essay, or poem. Let’s unveil how they impact your character—or you or someone you know—and everyone around them. Genres accepted: Prose (under 7000 words) or poetry (up to 3 poems) We are accepting submissions for the 2024 annual issue of SalonZine from October 15th to December 15, 2023. Please send your submission with the genre in the subject line of your email to
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