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Sickness comes in many forms. Pain and suffering, loss and change are all inevitable. We know that. We’ve been shaken, what now? How do we heal? What is the remedy for anxiety and uncertainty? What might curb the fallout of a broken system, counteract a huge political upset? How do we offer an antidote to climate change, to racism, to war, to disease, to heartbreak, to grief, to boredom? We searched for a flicker of light, a reparative ray of hope through literary work that addresses the theme of antidote.

During a time when we need it most, the voices in this issue engage in the possibility of remedy to counteract some of the damaging fallout from personal, global, and systemic ills.

We wish you respite, restoration, and inspiration!

-Nita Noveno, Editor, & Sara Lippmann, Contributing Editor


Dynasty by Racquel Goodison
An Illustrated History of Battlefield Medicine by Edwin Rozic


A Grandfather’s Guide to the Resistance by Leland Cheuk
Something to Lose: A Family History by Brian Gresko
Adam’s Falls by Catherine Kapphahn


“Self-Portrait of Night Street”, “Belonging”, and “Self-Portrait”, “Neighbor” by Ching-In Chen
“Poetic Discotheque” and “Red Robin” by Myla Grier


With Carey Cranston, President of the American Writers Museum
With Mitzi-Jill Rapkin, Writer, Teacher, Host of literary podcast First Draft

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