Why Do We: Believe

The writers and poets in this issue of SalonZine remind us of community and possibility, of what is absurd and beautiful in our world. Take a break from your work and worries and read this issue. Believe that the world is on your side, even in challenging times.

We dedicate this issue to risk takers, caretakers, and survivors.

-The Editors, Nita Noveno & Caroline Berger
-Assistant Editor, Barbara Sueko McGuire


Death Becomes Us by Tim Kreider
Revelations by Matt Cheney


One Day by Annabel Lucy Smith
Poor Her Soul by Mira Ptacin
Pinheads No More by Chris Grillo


Composure by Louisa A. Igloria
Birthmark by Prabhakar Vasan
Noise by Cheryl Burke
Consider by Diane Schenker
Yes No Yes by Diane Schenker


Nancy Agabian by Nita Noveno

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