Salon zine issue 1

Innagural Issue: Move

Woo-hoo. Celebrate! The inaugural issue is out. Sunday Salon is entering a new phase in its fifth year of existence and bringing you prose galore from some of our favorite writers (and pictures too). Where else can we showcase their talents and reach more readers but on-line? And we’re calling it Sunday Salon ‘zine. A dream come true.


Hard-on by Brett Berk
Piedad by Lynee Bamat Mijangos


Hawxhurst Road, Circa 1981 by Dara Amchin Underberg
Giants: Parade or Election? by Yucef Mayes
Five Minutes by Jabiz Raisdana


Firecrackers by S.G. Frazier
The Hello Girls by KC Trommer


Justin Courter by Nita Noveno

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