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Salon Zine: All Non-Fiction

A Day at the Dentist

BY ERICA SILBERMAN It’s just after rush hour on a warm July morning and I’m picking up my mother at Grace’s place in Bridgeport. I

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Memento Mori

BY BARBARA SUEKO MCGUIRE It’s raining cats and dogs. Thunder, lightening—by California standards, practically a hurricane. The clouds are so thick that even if the

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Idaho Fell

BY JEN HIRT When I moved to Idaho Falls in August 2005, I couldn’t take my new home seriously. It was a 75-unit apartment complex

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BY CATHERINE KANJER KAPPHAHN Kutina, Ilova, Banova Jaruga, I keep track of the names. Each time the train stops at a station, I search my

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Five Minutes

Mairin told me to watch the glass. We held hands. She was crying. There was a large open area in the middle of the hotel

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